Weighted Yellow Rubber Duck, $25
Stays with us after the race

Specialty Character Duck, Unweighted, $35
Yours to keep following the race

Unfortunately we’ve been informed that with the runoff from last night’s storms the river is expected to be unsafe for our ducks (not to mention human volunteers) tomorrow. We’ve rescheduled the event for next Saturday, March 23 at 4 pm.

The good news is, if you missed your window to reserve a duck for the race, we’ll be selling them all week! Get all the details below, and we’ll see you next Saturday!

We’re racing to the goal on Saturday, March 23 with a duck derby down the Sandusky River!

Reserve a weighted yellow rubber duck for a $25 donation (the duck stays with us after the race) or purchase an unweighted specialty character duck for $35 and he comes home with you!


The ducks are dropped at the Perry Street bridge at 4 pm and the first duck across the finish line at the Washington Street bridge wins his owner $500!

Use the button below to reserve your duck(s) online through noon on Friday, March 22. Call us at 419-448-0355 or visit us at 201 S Washington Street in Tiffin to reserve ducks in person until Thursday, March 21.

All proceeds benefits Tiffin-Seneca United Way’s Community Campaign and supports our local nonprofit community partners.

Many thanks to Tiffin Pool Center for donating the pool noodles and rope for the Duck, Duck, DONATE finish line!